Tax Preparation & Planning

"Implementing our vision of the family practice in these areas."

Effective tax planning does not mean spending more money to get deductions. We believe analyzing your current economic landscape maximizes your after tax cash flow. The art of tax preparation is ensuring all the valuable planning makes it to a tax return.

Should you be filing tax returns in more states? Are you filing in too many states? Our expertise in multistate individual and business taxation may save you in taxes or exposure costs.

HKA provides tax return preparation or review for businesses and individuals. Our family practice process ensures that you pay tax on income and get deductions for expenses.

We will guide you in understanding your responsibilities as a US citizen living abroad or a US citizen owning a foreign business. We will prepare the correct US tax and informational forms to make sure you are in compliance with the ever technical and punitive foreign filing requirements.

HKA believes our clients are busy professionals. They require a web account that allows them to securely exchange tax documents, track their expenses easily, and store sensitive legal documents. So we built one and gave it to them.