Advisory Services

"Implementing our vision of the family practice in these areas."

HKA believes our advisory services feed off each other and are necessary components of a solution to achieve any of these goals. Our team will challenge current perceptions and help you redefine or create your vision for your goals. Working with you, we will refine and leverage your attributes as an individual or business.

Estate planning is not just a design. Your estate plan is an evolving document that requires periodic review and updates for life's changes. We can help you through the entire process: assisting in creation, reviewing your current plans, and ensuring that your wishes are carried out.

Transition the business to employees, family members, or someone else with an eye on making sure the business is sustained and the owners ultimately achieve their succession goals.

Analyzing your current cash flow to maximize your retirement benefits.

Mergers and Acquisitions is a key element in all business planning. Finding, planning, and negotiating with a buyer or seller to maximize all after tax cash flow.

Is your business running efficiently? To accomplish any long term vision your business must hit profitability and liquidity targets. We will help you create benchmarks, smooth processes, and achieve those targets so that your ultimate goal may be reached.